The worst fear

This very effective exercise can help you solve your anxiety.

The method was developed by Brandon Bays. Behind our smaller fears such as fear of examination, fear of existence, fear of heights, etc. are hidden ever greater fears, which we unconsciously fear so much, that we actually do not want to know about them. However, these fears can restrict and disturb us to varying degrees in our daily lives. We are often afraid of fear.

Examples of such the worst unconscious fear are: the fear of death, having to die homeless on its own, losing mind, having to die unloved and lonely, having no control over anything, having absolutely failed at all levels, etc.

If we really look at this worst fear, we will feel that it is not as bad as we have always feared. The fear was more like a phantom. And if we take a closer look at this phantom, it loses its terror.

You can do the exercise for yourself. These are the steps:


1. Ask yourself: in this uncertain time of high challenges… what are your worst fears?

(Relax, open your body and let all your fears rise by yourself. Allow all emotions to get up).


2. Ask yourself: What is the worst thing that could happen?

(Imagine the worst that could happen and experience what it feels like– knowing that these things will never happen in real life and that it’s all just happening in our imagination – write it down.


3. Ask yourself: What kind of feeling does this give you?

(Allow the feeling to rise, welcome)

Ask yourself further: If this had already happened, what would be the worst thing that could happen? – write it down.


4. Repeat point 3 again and again until you arrive at the worst fear and you find that nothing worse could happen.

5. Then ask yourself again: What is the worst thing that could happen now?

(Continue to ask yourself until you can perceive a light or a vastness, everything has fallen off and it feels easy)


6. Enjoy the good feeling and then ask yourself: What is the best thing that could happen? And if that were the case, what would be the best thing that could happen?

(Repeat this point 6 several times until you reach the absolute best that could happen. Write down the vision until this list is longer and stronger than the list of fears. Let them be inspiring!)

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