Erfahrungsberichte / Testimonials

„I am working with Sara for some time. She is very detailed and thorough in her Coaching. She’s been able to gently guide me into going deeper until I was able to heal and release my blocks. Sara has the ability to see and feel the blocks that need to be addressed. This is an incredible gift.“

Sandra Batista, USA

„I am truly grateful to have crossed paths with Mrs. Sara. When I found her offer, something in me felt that I was in need of the service she was offering, and, thankfully, I headed my intuition. I have been struggling for a year since I’m in separation phase with my Twin Flame. All throuch the session, I felt massive shifts in energy and like a huge weight had been lifted off of me and my Twin on an energetic and emotional level. On a physical level, I now believe I can be with my love again and live happily for life. Mrs. Sara immediately caused me to feel very comfortable and safe. You can truly feel her loving and compassionate energy throughout the session. I strongly suggest working with her. She delivers awesome gifts of healing and wholeness. Much thanks in all seriousness.“

Sandesh S., Nepal

„Saras Coaching ist sehr liebevoll, voller positiver Schwingungsenergie und auf den Punkt gebracht. Sie hat die Fähigkeit, in sehr kurzer Zeit die Hauptblockaden aufzuspüren. Neben der Spiegelübung überträgt sie höhere Seelenweisheit sowie Lichtcodes, die dir helfen, dich deiner eigenen höheren Weisheit zu öffnen. Sie ist sowohl ein wunderbarer Coach als auch ein göttlicher Channel. Ich liebe es, mit ihr zu arbeiten und bin sehr dankbar, sie als Hilfe auf meiner Seelenpartnerreise zu haben.

Marion B., Deutschland

„Der wöchentliche persönliche Austausch gibt mir Sicherheit, dass ich auf meinem Weg vorankomme. Ich habe meinen grossen Schmerz hinter mir lassen können, meine Wunden heilen können und habe ein neues Leben begonnen, das so viel reicher und schöner ist. Die Liebe fliesst wieder in meinem Leben. Ich fühle mich wohl und sicher in mir selbst. Das war früher gar nicht so. Ich erhalte jedes Mal wertvolle neue Impulse und Ansichten und kann meine Gedanken und Erlebnisse teilen. Sara verfügt über einen sehr grossen Erfahrungsschatz und kennt sich auch in sehr vielen Methoden aus. Ich freue mich sehr, weiterhin mit Sara unterwegs zu sein auf dieser lebensverändernden und tiefen Reise zu mir selbst.“

Sandra G. Schweiz

„I had a session with Sara Romei this morning. I want to say thank you for this amazing incredible and powerful session. This coaching makes me open my heart, my body and my soul more. I am ready for the next step in my relationship with my desired person. It is all about synchronicity. I believe God is bringing Sara to me at the right time. She is very sweet, calm, gives good advice. She listens carefully, I really liked her personality. Even when I write now, when I speak of her, my heart chakra opens. I definitely recommend her, she has done a great job and is an incredible teacher and coach.“

Anne-France, Malta

Immediately, I could see how good Sara is at coaching. She is very intuitive and sensitive and is very good at feeling into an upset and discerning if there is a little bit more to work on in that area. She naturally meets your own individual needs, which, in my case is making sure the healing work is complete with each thing that’s being worked on and taking the time and trouble to make sure the healing is complete, she is very thorough and has a natural talent for going deeper where it is required, and she does it in such a gentle and compassionate way, that even the harshest seeming upset is softened and dissolved, naturally and effortlessly. She is very easy to connect with and feels like a friend even though it was the first meeting. She applies her own knowledge and unique gifts to the healing work so that the product that she offers, ie, her own unique brand or style of healing resembles the style of no other coach. I feel privileged to have worked with her, she gave me exactly what I needed at just the right time.

Rachel, Ascension Coach, UK

„Today I had the pleasure of doing a twin flame session with Sara.  The session was really lovely and I’ve been in a really good mood since the session. I feel like a weight has been lifted and this has shown me how powerful one hour of work can be.  She went through the mirror exercise and helped me with the steps and process to this.  I feel I have a really good understanding of how I can better incorporate doing this exercise on my own now to further aid my healing and twin flame journey.  Sara was very polite and held the space really nicely for me.  It was also very comforting to hear a bit of her story as I asked to know a bit more.  Its nice to know I’m not alone on this journey. I would definitely recommend her to others wanting guidance along their journey to union with God, Self and Twin.

Cayley T., USA

I am very thankful for the opportunity to work with Sara in a one on one Twin Flame coaching session today, it was truly a wonderful experience! Sara created a warm and safe atmosphere for our session, she helped me to feel relaxed and comfortable the whole time. Sara guided me through the mirror exercise and it was very powerful! Our session today was overall very healing and I’m feeling at peace right now. Thank you for coaching me another step closer to my Harmonious Twin Flame Union!

Robyn J., USA