Romeicoaching - Coaching for career and life purpose

Coaching for career and life purpose

Everyone has a calling and it feels fantastic to live it. Do you just feel unfulfilled in your current activity or do you even feel trapped in the rat race every day?

Do you want a life that you don’t need a holiday from?

I am happy to help you to find and live your true calling.

You may already have an idea of your life purpose, but the way to it seems rocky and it looks unrealistic that you could make enough money with it. Or are you missing some prerequisites?

However, this concern is usually quite unfounded, because your life purpose means that you share your gifts and love in a way that is good for you and the big picture. When you practice your calling, followed your heart, you do your activity out of love, which you multiply as a result. If you multiply love, it comes back to you multiplied. The more you give, the more you get back. And this is also reflected in financial prosperity.

Together we will clarify fundamental questions such as: What is my greatest professional desire? What really makes me happy? What do I stand up for every morning? What are my strengths and talents? Why did I come into the world and what do I have to give to the world?

Those who find and live their vocation never have to “work” again.

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First coaching at a welcome price for NEW customers

Get to know me and my work! The session takes place online via Zoom or Whatsapp.

1 hour

120 CHF

1 coaching session

Personally on site or on the PC via Zoom

1 hour

160 CHF

4 coaching sessions

Personally on site or on the PC via Zoom

1 hour each

590 CHF

8 coaching sessions

Personally on site or on the PC via Zoom

1 hour each

1120 CHF

Book a session with the Calendar. For appointments on site in Wohlen, please contact me by phone or e-mail. Do you have any questions or would you like to get to know me first? Then contact me by e-mail, phone or book an appointment for a free introductory-call.

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Why me as a coach?

I myself have followed my heart and live my calling. This feels very free. I offer you a my expert knowledge and a high level of professionalism from 9 years of professional experience as a Job -Coach and about 8 years of professional experience as a human resources manager.