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“Life loves you to the extent that you love yourself…”

Our outer world reflects our inner world very reliably, and thus also our unhealed wounds and obstructive beliefs.

Are you tired of having to do, optimize yourself, get ahead, function, survive, and find recognition and love? This search on the outside is exhausting and endless. Do you dream of a life of freedom, joy and abundance?

Only when we stop searching outside can we find our fullness inside. What we have found in ourselves, we also receive in our outer life. This happens – through radical self-love and the release of unhealthy beliefs. I’ll show you how to do that and take you by the hand. What kind of life do you want to give yourself? What are you worth to yourself? Change your beliefs, heal your childhood wounds, and become a powerful creator of your life!

Self-love is a return to ourselves after we have lost ourselves in the world, in the outside.

Sara Romei Founder Romei Coaching

Why me?


My job is my passion. My motto: EVERY person can reach EVERY heart’s desire.


I have a very good intuition, which allows a targeted work on the roots of the problems.


I could help over 1000 people to realize their dreams over the last 10 years.


As one of the leaders for the Swiss Journey Practitioners, I am one of the most experienced Journey Practitioners in Switzerland.


I learned and am still learning from the world’s best teachers and coaches.


I myself have gone through dark nights of the soul and know the tools to get up stronger from every crisis and illness. I live what I preach!


12 years of coaching experience and countless further training courses.


With me guaranteed: confidentiality and data protection.


During a session you get 1000% of my attention & energy.


Free introductory call

At the moment I offer free introductory calls in which we discuss with each other which offer and which way is best for your situation. Please note that there is no coaching here yet.

You can book your introductory call with Sara Romei conveniently here:


Sara’s Blog

What if your reality is just a dream?

Anyone who has dealt with dream interpretation knows that everything that happens in the dream symbolizes a part of ourselves. People, animals or landscapes that we find dangerous or repulsive are...

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That’s what my clients say…

Gaby, 53, accountant

“A palpable emptiness that I have consciously perceive in myself since I was 8 years old has made me search for the original source or even God.” When I was at a point at the end of 2019 where I felt physically and mentally really exhausted and very sickly, I contacted Sara Romei at the beginning of 2020. With Sara I immediately felt comfortable. Their warm, sensitive and cordial and competent manner have conveyed to me “here I am right”. With her variety of methods, she managed to get me back on track in 4 months. To let my soul, together with my body and spirit, heal and to be able to perceive life again as a true and loving act of creation. Thank you very much Sara, I can really warmly recommend your valuable coaching work to everyone.”

Petra B. 60, alternative practitioner for psychotherapy

“Sara has the enormous gift of looking into your deepest soul and recognizing blockages. She is very empathetic and always mindful and adapts to every client. Through her friendly, competent nature, I immediately gained confidence in her visionary and healing abilities. I am very grateful that she supported me so helpfully on my very difficult path and that I can now enjoy my life with my soul mate.”

Sandra G. 46, Purchasing Manager

“I’ve been with Sara in the soul mate coaching group for over a year. The weekly personal exchange gives me the certainty that I will make progress on my way. I have been able to leave my great pain behind me, heal my wounds and have started a new life that is so much richer and more beautiful. Love is flowing back into my life and I have recently been in a relationship with my soul mate. We still have highs and lows, but I feel comfortable and safe in myself. That wasn’t the case in the past. Every time I receive valuable new impulses and views and can share my thoughts and experiences. Sara has a wealth of experience and is also familiar with many methods. I am thrilled to continue to travel with Sara on this life-changing and deep journey to myself.”

Simon, 42

“Dear Sara, two big things have happened since the last session with you: I will never forget the moment I hugged my two-year-old self. And I understand that some of the things I suffer from are not foreign bodies that need to get out, but parts of me that want to be healed and loved instead of removed and demonized. Also, that love, gratitude and forgiveness are keys to it. The healing process continues with me. I was already allowed to integrate a contaminated site. It happened during a sleepless night about two weeks after I was with you. There was this feeling of heaviness that I knew from recurring dreams from my childhood and later I encountered it again and again in meditations. I can describe it very badly, it is as if in front of me a 25kg sack of potatoes was somehow hung on my larynx. in addition a metallic taste in the mouth. In any case, the feeling was back and for the first time I tried not to separate the weight from me, but to accept it and love it as part of me. At that moment, the weight was gone. The pain is still there, but the wound is now allowed to heal. See you soon, I’ll get back to you…”

Daniela and Michael, parents of Dario

“Our son, 9 years old, has not been able to fall asleep alone for a few years. He was afraid in the dark and of being alone. Some evenings we sat at his bedside for up to an hour until he could finally fall asleep. We were very excited about the appointment with Sara, because we had already tried a lot and didn’t help any of it. After just one therapy session with Sara, our son falls asleep calmly and relaxed every evening. We can’t believe it. It is a great relief for us to see that our son can fall asleep without fear. We thank Sara from the bottom of our hearts for her work with our son.

Rolf S.

“Dear Sara, I just wanted to thank you for the fact that in our first conversation a positive therapeutic effect of your healing energy has already occurred to a certain extent, which probably has to do with your unconditional divine love. I have dealt with the miracle healer Bruno Gröning – and your energy has so far come closest to it for me personally. I would call you less a coach and more a healer (Coach is so business-oriented).”

“Dear Sara, today’s session has been very deep. So far, I have always been the little supplicant in relation to the great divine sea, which I could not get to, but today I had a mediating function for the first time and thus came closer to merging with God. Thanks again!”

“Dear Sara, you have achieved what a professional psychologist has even made worse. You managed to get me out of a suicidal phase that was several months long, becoming more and more dangerous, in just one session, so that I have the feeling that I have made the U-turn and since then my life has been continuously brighter again.”

Andreas, 50, IT supporter

My life has been a long struggle, especially when it came to work, job search and finance. I thought I was going to end up at the social welfare office. After the meeting with Sara, surprisingly unexpected doors have opened for me and I am now financially long-term on the safe side. I feel relaxed, calm erased and don’t see life as serious anymore. It’s wonderful to feel financially secure. Since then, I have also had more appreciation from my fellow human beings. I can enjoy life again. Thank you very much Sara!

Gaby R., 54, accountant

“Thank you very much dear Sara. I was very happy to see you and exchange ideas. Yes, I am also always amazed at my development and it is also nice how much easier it is in our new quality of time in which we now live. I am so grateful that my “heavenly companions” have led me to you, although I have carried your address in my pocket everywhere for five years until I contacted you. The repetition of the mirror exercise helped me a lot and, as you told me, I am busy applying. I fall in love with myself… a wonderful feeling. I recommend you everywhere. I am happy for every person who becomes aware of him and is allowed to heal his heart. All the best and see you again soon, Grüässli vu Herzä Gaby.”

Sissi Bartrina, 47, teacher

“Being accompanied by Sara is one of the greatest gifts in my life! Sara’s empathy and strong intuition have led me into my source consciousness many times. so that new paths have opened up for me. I’m looking forward to every new appointment I’ve made with Sara because I know I’ll be fine afterwards and I’ll feel like I’ve been wonderfully guided.”

F. Huber, 47, family woman

“Even in mild stressful situations, such as driving a car, I have suffered from excessive sweating. It’s really going down. This started 20 years ago after the birth of my last child and it bothered me a lot. After a meeting on the subject at Sara, this stopped. Now I wouldn’t even have to use a deodorant. I am very happy about this and thank you very much!”

Larissa O., Self-employed Online Marketing & Coaching

“A few months ago I came across Sara’s article on the 5 Soul Wounds. Shortly afterwards we had our first coaching session. I immediately felt very comfortable and held. This was followed by some deeply transformative and healing sessions. Sara guides you through the process in a loving, understanding way and gives you methods to heal yourself. I am very grateful that she accompanies me on my journey.”

Marion Böttcher, 40

“Sara’s coaching is very valuable to me. She has been accompanying me on my dual soul journey for more than a year and I have been able to heal many deep blockages through her and thus step by step, find more and more into my true being. She is very empathetic and her coaching is very light and loving. She has many helpful tools which she always uses unerringly and precisely.
I am very grateful to have found them as support on my way and can only warmly recommend them. Thank you dear Sara.”

Anne-France from Malta

“I had a session with Sara Romei this morning. I want to say thank you for this amazing incredible and powerful session. This coaching makes me open my heart, my body and my soul more. I am ready for the next step in my relationship with my desired person. It is all about synchronicity. I believe God is bringing Sara to me at the right time. She is very sweet, calm, gives good advice. She lists carefully, I really liked her personality. Even when I write now, when I speak of her, my heart chakra opens. I definitely recommend her, she has done a great job and is an incredible teacher and coach.”

Christian, 30, Sales Consultant
“The Journey to Brandon Bays was a wonderful and fascinating experience. I felt very comfortable. Already when Driving home I felt totally free and very comfortable, almost euphoric. I deal with the issues dealt with in the sitting in a different way, they are no longer burdensome and oppressive. This is very liberating and has a positive effect on my well-being. I am well on my way to full health, this motivates me a lot!”
Nursah, 33
“I told you that after the last journey I suddenly heard elements in my favorite songs that I couldn’t hear before – so Journey is really healing – I read that it can restore the view 100%, cure cancer and EASY EVERYTHING – that’s such an incredible method. In any case, I did an ENT test and I now listen perfectly! It’s not :))))) Ahhhh Sara you’re doing a great job!”
Laura, 24, student

“We made the journey to Brandon Bays 5 weeks ago. Since then, I have noticed big changes. I felt deeply relaxed – completely with myself. I also started to accept my situation. In addition, I noticed how my self-image has totally changed. All negative thoughts about myself (I’m so insecure, what do they think about me now, etc.) were just suddenly gone. If, for example, someone does not listen to me or seems disinterested, I no longer see the mistake in myself, but in the person himself. So this coaching has done quite a lot in me, and I’m incredibly grateful to you for that!”

Thomas, 41, doctor
“After a burnout and a long loss of work, it was important for me to get professional support and coaching. Sara Romei supported me perfectly in planning my return to work, so my new beginning was a positive experience. It was much easier for me to change my attitude to work and to put aside certain behaviors. In coaching, I was able to create a completely new vision of what my work should look like. This vision still gives me strength and I am successful in implementing it.”
Werner, 72, Doctor

First of all, thank you again for the journey (The Journey) last Thursday: You managed to get me on the road within a few minutes, in all freedom and yet clear guidance, and have guided me to it very carefully throughout the journey – great ! My partner came back on Friday evening for the WE – I was able to talk to her openly about my initial questions and my relationship fears, then also about the various – good and also painful – encounters during my trip. The WE with her was again very nice, we get closer and closer, trusting and yet free – a huge gift that I can be with her. The journey with you has taken away my fears, I feel ok – everything is good as it is now – MERCI .

Anja, 28

“Thank you again for the joint journey The Journey. It was exciting to have this experience last week. Although I am practiced in travel, it is always very individual – in this case she is very well accompanied. Thanks to your companionship, I was able to reach depths in me, which normally elude me. Your stubborn yet gentle guidance is very trusting, loving and completely worthless, so that I was able to overcome my inner pig dog with little effort.

The work and the result of this journey are still unfolding, and I am still aware of what has changed. Since this session, this latent anger/aggression has disappeared or minimized to the point where I no longer feel it in everyday life. I can’t put a lot of things into words, it’s more of a feeling; something is different.

What strikes me is that I can stand up for my space more at the moment. I tend to stay true to myself and I have clearer limits to manage my energy budget in the best possible way. I also tackled topics and things that have bothered me for a long time and which I wanted to change for a long time.

I can feel the deep exhaustion, I feel closer to the body now, and I also notice that my organism is recovering. I feel like I’m getting more and more breath.’ It’s like I’ve had a long long endurance sprint, and from day to day I’m getting into normal breathing. It’s a slow return to normal. I am curious to see how this develops. And I’m sure I’ll see new changes every day. Often I get caught in my mind in memories of the past, when I started to have certain desires, or when I felt physically fit – I remember what it was like then – I must have forgotten that feeling by now.

I wish you all the love on your way and thank you warmly for “taking your hand”.

Sandra Batista, 52, USA

“I am working with Sara for some time. She is very detailed and thorough in her Coaching. She’s been able to gently guide me into going deeper until I was able to heal and release my blocks. Sara has the ability to see and feel the blocks that need to be addressed. This is an incredible gift.”

Rachel Carro, Coach, UK

Immediately, I could see how good Sara is at coaching. She is very intuitive and sensitive and is very good at feeling into an upset and discerning if there is a little bit more to work on in that area. She naturally meets your own individual needs, which, in my case is making sure the healing work is complete with each thing that’s being worked on and taking the time and trouble to make sure the healing is complete, she is very thorough and has a natural talent for going deeper where it is required, and she does it in such a gentle and compassionate way, that even the harshest seeming upset is softened and dissolved, naturally and effortlessly. She is very easy to connect with and feels like a friend even though it was the first meeting. She applies her own knowledge and unique gifts to the healing work so that the product that she offers, her own unique brand or style of healing, resembles the style of no other coach. I feel privileged to have worked with her, she gave me exactly what I needed at just the right time”.


Mother of Dominique, 20, learner

“Dear Sara, I hope you and your family are doing well. I am happy to tell you very good things. Dominique likes the internship very well at the SRK (check in) in the Foundation A. Thank you again for having initiated this for us. In the meantime, she has also received very good references in the institution for the disabled, sniffing and in both places. Last week she got the apprenticeship for AGS and it now looks as if she would also have chances for an apprenticeship in the other company. Thank you again for your very good and dedicated support! We can only recommend you very well!” The detailed report is on here.

A. 18 Vocational graduate
“The coaching has helped me a lot, especially in terms of my self-esteem and self-confidence. I understood that I should believe more in myself, because that was very lacking. Not only the others, but also myself should think that I can create the exams. I wasn’t afraid to take exams, but I just didn’t realize that it was an important degree for me and that the exams were imminent. With the coaching I became more aware of this and with the jointly created weekly plan I definitely learned more and passed the vocational matura and the apprenticeship certificate successfully. Thank you very much.”
Joana, 20, a graduate student

“The mental training has been very supportive of me in my exam anxiety. I was able to find myself and concentrate better during the exams. The training gave me the strength to do that. I was very calm during and before the exams and was able to successfully complete the Federal Matura, not least because of the mental training.”