Anyone who has dealt with dream interpretation knows that everything that happens in the dream symbolizes a part of ourselves. People, animals or landscapes that we find dangerous or repulsive are part of ourselves.

Unloved parts of personality and its integration
Everyone has experienced a chaser in their dreams or been harassed. We often wake up in panic. Such a dream can be used for one’s own personality development. If we can understand the message of the dream and if we succeed in accepting this unloved part, the dreams will also become more conciliatory. If we consciously set out to deal with this situation differently next time in a dream, that is possible. After a period of wrestling with an unloved part of us, we may encounter the same dream figure again. But this time there is no fight. We realize that this persecutor also has lovable traits and can even reconcile us with him. This can be a very profound and liberating experience.

The dream takes place in a dream – and our reality is nothing more than a dream
Everyone actually knows or has heard it: everything is one. We are all one. There is no separation. Jesus already said, “What you do to others, you do to yourself.”

So all situations and people you encounter in life are you too. And they also show you exactly where you still have unhealed parts. They show you where you haven’t taken yourself yet. If you constantly criticize yourself internally, you will be criticized in your reality by other people. If you have an oppressed rage, people meet you again and again with anger. If you love yourself fully, you only learn love from other people… So your outer world shows you exactly what it looks like in you.

We would call a dream not “real” and a fantasy. But our reality is just as little real. It, too, is just a dream, a fantasy. And you are the one who dreams them. This also means that you as “I” are not really real. Real is only the one(s) who dreams of all this.

It is good to know that there is no real reason in the dream to be afraid of something. We all know that we don’t really have anything to lose. We can wake up at any time.




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