Energy is what makes our lives. Where does energy come from? Life is energy – energy is life. Energy is always present and is available to us if we are in our natural state and do not close ourselves to it. However, by suppressing feelings, we do not allow this natural state.

How exactly does this happen? Here are the three most important contexts:

1. Repressed feelings deprive us of a great deal of energy Buy Cifran Cipro online , firstly because they themselves contain a great deal of energy and this energy is no longer available to us, and secondly, it needs even more energy to constantly suppress the feelings and keep them down. Suppressed feelings that cannot be felt and do not want to be felt make us tired, even to the point of depression.

2. It deprives us of a great deal of energy when we have experienced something with which we do not agree, which we cannot accept. Maybe your parents should have been different, you shouldn’t have experienced the bullying, if you shouldn’t have dropped out, you shouldn’t have experienced that, etc. You fight against certain things, with the unconscious desire to undo them. You cannot perceive these events inwardly. This means that a great deal of energy is tied up in this fight against something that is long gone.

3. Here is a typical example of displacement: let us take the separation from the first great love. It hurts, but we don’t want to feel the sadness and so we can indulge in a sport or work during this time, during a few weeks, so as not to feel those feelings. It actually works. The consequence of this, however, is that this repressed grief keeps us occupied throughout our lives and needs energy throughout our lives. This can lead to a similar event of separation, these repressed feelings trying to get up. We may feel sad in situations where we don’t know where the sadness comes from. This also leads us to recreate such situations of abandonment, because the unconscious has a desire to solve and heal this original situation. If we do not consciously deal with it, the unconscious will ensure that this situation reappears in our lives. It takes so much energy to suppress that sadness and it definitely makes sense to solve these things.

The young child begins to suffer very early on from feeling helpless and alone. It lives with the experience of fear, helplessness and solitude. It quickly starts to imagine images as it should be. It then thinks: “If I am so good, stronger than the others, more successful, more white, no more mistakes, making myself useful to others or whatever, then I will no longer feel weak and helpless and will no longer have to be alone”.

These images then begin to control us. As a result, we are no longer with us, but with the pictures and that we no longer really feel what we want and want. We are determined by our idea of how we should be. As a result, life is alienated. We are literally alienated from ourselves. Because these “I Should” are fixed and relentless, we are also constantly in a feeling of not being good enough. We should not make a mistake, etc. But this is impossible and so we will always feel like a failure.

These images not only take us away from us, but eat an incredible amount of power. Your life is no longer your life. The energies are no longer available to you, but are needed to chase after a imagined self-ideal.

What are your “I Should”? Where do you feel driven and unfree?

I will gladly accompany you on your way into your strength.

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