Those who suffer from unconscious depression are usually looking for energy in all the wrong places.

From a yogic point of view, depression is not seen as a mental disorder, but as an energy problem. Depression simply means that energy does not move. Energy does not move because we do not let it flow, because we hold on to something.

The word “energy” is on everyone’s face: energy crisis, energy drinks, energy bars, renewable energies, etc. Scientists have spent many millions and time deciphering the secrets of energy in the physical body and on the planet. We live in a sea of energy and feel with every day that we need more and more to survive.

Until now, it has been normal for most of us to get energy from outside of ourselves. When we felt bad, we simply resorted to caffeine and other stimulants: sugar, alcohol, drugs, work, loud music, high-adrenaline sports, etc. We could also get energy from other people by doing things to gain their recognition and attention. Unconsciously, the same results were achieved through drama, conflict or lingering in the role of victim. All these examples show the strategies of the ego to supply themselves with energy.

But somehow the rules of the game have changed, time has changed and you may have noticed that the search for energy outside of ourselves is less and less working. You may notice that the things that once gave you energy and made you feel good and safe no longer have the same effect.

Unconscious depression can feel like mild apathy or numbness inside. You may feel like something frozen towards yourself and your feelings.

Other symptoms of unconscious depression include:

  • What has brought you joy in the past is no longer attractive and you sometimes have the feeling that life makes little or no sense.
  • You compensate for this inner emptiness by sleeping too much or not at all.
  • You feel small, powerless, neglected or rejected.
  • Sometimes you have little patience or tolerance for others – you see certain people as obstacles on your way.

Unconscious depression has to do with the degradation of the ego and is part of an important awareness process. The ego is upset because it no longer has the same impact on life as before – all the usual tricks no longer work. This makes us suffer.

What can you do? How can we support this process?

By asking yourself the question:

  • What if I couldn’t do anything to get energy from the outside? If I had to live without any kick?
  • What if my heart’s desires were never fulfilled?
  • What if I couldn’t get away from this inner emptiness?

Now go completely into these feelings. How does this really make you feel?

Welcome all these feelings and stay there for a while. You may feel all these feelings.

So a letting go can take place and gradually finding your true essence. But this should not be your focus here. It’s about complete devotion to what is. Stop fighting your reality and take on yourself, your life and what is right now with love and compassion for yourself.

If you would like to learn more about this or if you want to be accompanied by me on your way, I would be happy to offer you my support.




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