The mirror exercise is based on the principle that our outside world reflects our inner world. Any disturbances or injuries you experience in the outside world will show you something about yourself. For example, if your work colleague annoys you because she was unkind to you, it concerns you because her behavior has simply awakened the wounds that were already present in you.

The steps to perform the mirror exercise are quite simple and can be used for absolutely anything. You can use them for past events, feelings that occur during the day, or even for physical ailments. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Define your feelings

Such as. I am angry with the colleague because she is ruthless and rude to me when I speak to her.

Step 2: Change the nouns and pronouns to redirect feelings to yourself

Such as. I am angry with myself because I am ruthless and rude to myself when I speak to myself.

Step 3: Ask yourself if this statement is true and answer honestly

Such as. This is true because I speak negatively to myself and ignore my feelings and needs.

Step 4: Feel all the feelings that arise from this knowledge. And give yourself what you need.

Close your eyes for it. Ask the part of you that feels so ignored and badly treated: “What do you need to feel loved?” Why do you speak so negatively to yourself and ignore your feelings? It may be that this part needs support and forgiveness. He may want your compassion. A positive affirmation may help. Whatever he needs, give this part. If you have given this part sufficient love, please this part of you to reconnect with you.

Another example could be:

  1. I am angry with my partner because he/she rejects me.
  2. I’m upset with myself because I reject myself.
  3. This is true because I don’t feel adorable and [XY] don’t like myself.
  4. Talk to this part. Why don’t you feel worthy of love? Don’t you feel good enough? Don’t you think you’re beautiful enough?
    Tell this part that he is a beloved child of creation and worthy of love. It was created perfectly. Give this part forgiveness for feeling like this and give him all your love. Then merge in your imagination with the part and all this love.

If the topic is still there after that, you may need to go deeper. Explore and heal all other feelings that result from this situation. Listen to what your heart tells you. Repeat the mirror exercise until the topic is fixed and it feels good or neutral.

When you do the mirror exercise for the first time Buy Abiclav (Augmentin) without Prescription , it makes sense to sit down and write down each step so that you can clearly see what its subject is and what you need to heal it. As you become more experienced with it, you can quickly loosen a trigger in your head in everyday life.

Although the mirror exercise is so simple, it brings great healing benefits if used regularly. Healing yourself does not have to be difficult or painful. The pain arises when we can hold on and not let go. Be compassionate towards yourself. Decide that your healing journey should be fun and easy, because then it can be. When you do the mirror exercise every day, you discover more and more a deeper love for and within you.

Mirror training takes an hour and is wonderfully possible via Skype or zoom.



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