The small virus has actually managed to shut down our public life. The restaurants, department stores, clothes shops and many more are closed. Only the “necessary” shops such as food markets and pharmacies are still open. For most of us, the work is reduced by the home office, some of us already have short-time work and so many people suddenly have more time. Everything “unnecessary” seems to be disappearing. The “unnecessary things” include according to the closures: restaurants, bars, Easter decorations, toys, clothes, shoes, plants etc. With the home office, for many of us, a large part of “unnecessary work” and unnecessary commutes are also eliminated. For the students, unnecessary sitting out of long school hours is eliminated and they achieve no less progress than before with 2-3 hours of self-study per day.

Suddenly everything is quieter, you are at home, thrown back on yourself and without all the usual distractions on the outside. Suddenly, you realize that you are living quite well with yourself – or perhaps just the opposite. Smouldering conflicts and fears rise, grow up, but eventually dissolve. This can be very challenging and stressful. However one experiences this time, this time gives us the chance to return to our innermost core, to the essential in us, to pure being.

We now realize how many unnecessary things we have done. Why do you need 10 pairs of trousers and 10 pairs of shoes? Why do we need so much bureaucracy and so many complicated workflows? The answer lies in our ego and in the distraction from our true self.

In 2018, I have had a profound personal experience, which for me has an exciting connection to the current situation. Through an impromptu awakening, I experienced the state of all-encompassing love. In this state I felt the perfect connection with the origin. I didn’t need anything anymore and was just incredibly happy with myself. Interestingly, at the same time, most of my work automatically fell off me and time felt endless. I became sporty, creative, did yoga, had an incredible energy and saw nature and the whole world with different eyes. After a few months of high spirits, I gradually arrived in my “normal” life, but nothing was the same as before. I hit a hard and cold ground. My work in my part-time job seemed more and more pointless to me. I was sorry to do unnecessary work and do things that didn’t really suit me. When it came to relationships, nothing was the same. I had to realize that I used to be very out there, looking for things in relationships and having expectations of others. This was followed by a major crisis and I had to re-view and rearrange my life. So my focus has gone more and more inward, because I realized through the experience that everything in me can be found inside, which I have been constantly looking for in the outside before. This realization is there and I am in the process of implementing it more and more. There is a letting go.

That, in my opinion, is what this is all about at this time of stagnation caused by the coronavirus. People are asking themselves: What do I really need? What is needed and what is not? What is really important to me?

We suddenly have more time. We are thrown back on ourselves and look at our lives. It is no longer possible to escape from certain circumstances and people and to continue to ignore the compromises and inconsistencies that have been accepted for a long time. All of this, and the coronavirus itself, can create conflicts and great fears and lead to personal crises. It is like a collective “dark night of the soul” where many have to face their own themes. However, we can be glad that these fears are now coming forth, because they want to be seen, felt and resolved.

After every dark night of the soul, sooner or later the light comes back. So I’m sure everything will be fine.

Here I pass on an effective exerciseon how to solve fears up to a certain point.

I am very happy to be at your disposal online or on site.

All Love





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