The word fear (Latin “angustia”) means narrowness. Fear feels tight Buy Lucipro Cipro , while love is associated with vastness. This article is about fear and its counterpart – love.

Fear is a trait that holds us back while love drives us forward. Fear can paralyze, block, hide or run away. Fear does not make us speak things, makes us remain silent, close swells to other people. Love ensures that we are authentic, open, stand by ourselves and are true.

There are theories that fear is necessary to protect us from danger. The opposite is true, however. When we are afraid in an emergency situation, we very often behave counterproductively. For example, when a person loses control of his car, he or she has a tendency to drive into the next tree, even if far and wide is only meadow. But if you are more relaxed in this situation, you have the possibility to steer into the field. Or if you walk through a dangerous area in a big city at night and are very afraid, it is much more likely that something will happen to you than if you move completely fearless. So there are many other examples of how fear makes a situation worse.

Even at school, children are told that they will not be able to learn a proper profession later on with poor grades, so they cannot earn money and cannot survive in our society. We still live in a society based on fear. People who are afraid don’t really look. The mind suspends and when the mind suspends, we do not realize the true connections. 

The primal separation from the source, the felt separation, is the cause of all fear. The primal separation is the true source of fear. The feeling of being separated keeps the fear. The feeling of being separated rather than one is what makes us act against other people and create benefits. It’s not that we can’t have any benefits, but fear all creates feelings like greed, envy, jealousy, or greed. Anxiety also causes anger and depression. Fear determines life much more than thought. It makes us want control and manipulate. Fear eats up our strength and it has been proven that 95% of all fears never materialize. Even if they were to arrive, the fear did not help in hindsight. Perhaps a solution would have been found if the fear had not been there, if one had turned one’s mind on and remained calm.

Fear very often leads to the very circumstances we feared. You are afraid that your partner will leave you. You come with jealousy, with control, and with that you just do what you don’t want. You do things that make sure it really gets there and your partner finds it too much for him. Fear affects your life so much that it prevents you from being who you really are. 

Let’s take an example of an employee: you have your job, go there every morning, avoid your life, 8 hours you’re in a place you don’t want to be. In order to be able to bear it to some extent, you might think that the job would be quite okay and you should be happy to have it. You may have an hour’s walk and an hour back, get up at 6 a.m. and return 10 hours later. This five times a week. It doesn’t do your health, your well-being, your life any more good and you think one day you should change something. But then comes the fear that says, “But it’s not as easy as you want to do it?…” You want to do your dream job and maybe have a little more time for yourself. However, it is very unlikely that an image will appear: “You may live your vocation in our company”.   The true vocation is often only in self-employment, but here you have to   see that you win clients and here is where most fail. They are afraid of criticism, fear of being rejected. They are afraid to show themselves, to stand by what they are doing and what they have come into the world for. We long to be seen, but at the same time we are afraid to show ourselves.

You don’t dare show yourself. Don’t dare to be the one you are. Authenticity and openness is love. Showing you how you are is an expression of your love. Take care of yourself as you are. When people start working on themselves, they often want to get rid of what they are, but only when you can accept yourself and realize that you are okay as you are now, then paradoxically you start to change and do so all by yourself.

You can make a new choice. Decide against fear. You don’t need them.

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