Longing is the Divine That Calls Us Back to Himself (Rupert Spira)



On our journey, love is the strong force that brings us home
However, this love must first be awakened in us. This is done by realizing that something is missing in our lives. It could be a sense of lack, frustration or dissatisfaction. Even if we have the external feeling that we have everything: a house, a car, a partner, prestige, etc., inside something is still missing. Normally we perceive this as longing, pain, or we perceive it as anger or frustration. This longing shows us where we need to go. It is, in a way, a signpost, an inner guidance. The greater the pain and longing, the more powerful and unstoppable the call.


The Longing
The longing itself is the divine call to yourself. Without this longing, we would not move at all. We often try to fill this longing with external things. Many people vie for success, prosperity, prestige or the love of another person and hope that external achievements will create a full sense of their lives and fill this inner hole – this sense of emptiness. But this inner hole is just the longing that calls us home. Perhaps for a while an outer partner seems to give us the love and support we long for. However, this will always be limited. Only in unity with ourselves and the Divine can our deepest desires and needs be fully fulfilled.

Not only is it a trend of life, but it is even very likely that we will lose exactly what we cling to so crampedly, or that we will not be able to achieve or sustain the very thing we most want. If we are forced to let go and go through the pain of losing because we simply cannot have it on the outside, only then are most of us willing to look for it in ourselves at all and now have the chance to find it.

So we long for this fire of unconditional love, for this familiarity with life, with love and security in ourselves. This is a well-known but often forgotten place in ourselves, where we are not held back by little ego stuff, control, and pride – a place that lies beyond all of this. We long to burn in the fire of love until we are empty and can be fully filled with the memory of divinity, with the elixir of our true being, with self-love.


If we feel this inner call and longing, why is it so difficult to turn inward and open ourselves?

We want to open up, but there is the fear of being vulnerable. We have resistance. We have experienced moments in early childhood where we have either not been seen, not accepted, rejected, abandoned, neglected or cheated. And in order to survive, we learn from the beginning to close ourselves off and hide. On the one hand we protect ourselves from further attacks, on the other hand we close the door to the Divine and are suddenly separated from the essence of our hearts. We build protective walls around our hearts. We become deaf, so we don’t have to feel the pain anymore. With this protection, however, we also block any connection to our true essence, to the Divine Core within us. We often cling to this wall of isolation, resignation, and distrust around our hearts, because it gives us a certain sense of security. A paradoxical security that feels safe on the one hand and keeps us in separation and pain on the other.

To feel the truest, most precious essence of our hearts, we must learn to face up to all these feelings and to open ourselves to them. What we keep hidden will continue to smoulder inside and prevent us from being available for genuine and deep love. It also takes a lot of strength and life energy from us to constantly keep these feelings under the lid and subconsciously suppress them. This life energy is then lacking in our lives and manifests itself in a lack of joie de vivre up to depression.

Opening up to love means confronting all these potentially very unpleasant feelings. It’s not just about talking about it, it’s really allowing those feelings to flow through our bodies, to perceive them and to accept them.


Opening oneself to feelings means to open oneself to love for oneself.
A first important step is to allow these feelings to be there. Allowing us to be vulnerable, to let others see our tears and to feel that we have the right to show ourselves in our real personality and to drop our mask completely is another very big step. There can be feelings of shame because we have so many judgments about ourselves, somehow being “wrong” about it. You may be hiding some deep, dark secrets behind your mask and feel that no one will love you when you show how you really are. The only way out of being trapped in yourself is to let the feelings live again. Perceiving and sharing these feelings in a safe space where there is no judgment is incredibly salutary.

As difficult as this process may be for some, it is the only way to break the fixed layers of being so that we can go beyond all these protective mechanisms and start to feel love and trust in our hearts and on a deeper level. We all long for this unconditional love, we long so much for it, and yet we are afraid to feel the pain that sits at their doorstep. It is the old pain of separation from our parents, partners and friends and in the deepest sense of ourselves and our divine nature. If this becomes fully aware, there is the possibility of a radical cure.

This process is the fire of love that burns all our attachments, all our illusions and ideas about ourselves and others. It burns all our concepts and ideas about how life should be or not. We let this fire cleanse our body, our heart and our being. Burn..! Let it burn …!

And here the longing will lead you and give you the courage to go into the unknown, to jump and to show you again. This happens when you call inside, “I want the highest knowledge, I want to wake up, I want to come home and be connected to the Divine.”

The only way we can wake up is to yearn to be one with the Divine with every cell of our body and mind. This longing must be constant and flow steadily like a wide river in the heart.

The world is full of distractions Buy Doxycycline without Prescription , the mind and the ego full of avoidance patterns. But we must honor the longing, knowing that it leads us to ourselves. The way of love is a journey into the unknown, into the darkness and into the miracle that lie within us. Longing can break us, bring us to absolute exhaustion, which may be the point. In this state we are open and ready to receive, ready to allow the Divine to awaken us. It is a time when we have given up, when longing becomes quieter and finally ceases – not because we have found something in the outside that we wanted, but because our longing ultimately leads us home – into our true self.

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