I actually read the book a long time ago, right when it came out in 2016. And why am I only now writing about it? The reason for this is that I was surprised by the great interest. Now that clients keep coming to me in the Journey practice after reading the book. So I would like to introduce it to you briefly.

More topical than ever, the book shows new ways out of depression. It addresses not only severe depression, but also simple distress, anxiety, anxiety and stress. Kevin Billett and Brandon Bays do not rely on conventional medicine, but on the healing power of emotions. Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses. Almost one in five suffer sores from depression at least once in their lives. Virtually every person knows mild depression and mood swings.

This book is a guide to leaving the melancholy behind forever and living life to the full. Written from his own experience, Kevin Billett is the living proof that the method described in the book actually works.

Suffered from depression for 30 years

Kevin Billet openly describes his own experiences with depression. He was diagnosed with genetic and “incurable” depression at a young age, which he suffered from for 30 years. Only the work with “The Journey” let him free himself from the depression. Before that, he had fallen into a deep black hole of depression. He collapsed under the weight of death, divorce, bankruptcy, and the knowledge that he had catastrophically abandoned his family.

Depression is described by the authors as a symptom of emotional blockages, the causes of which often lie in childhood.

Once the true causes of depression are found, they can say goodbye forever

For Bays and Billett, the root of depression is a pattern of emotional self-locking and blocking, a habit designed to protect us from feeling threatening or painful. Depression is not a mental illness, nor a physical illness, nor an emotion or a genetically inherited thing. At its core, it is a state of mind that we use to keep the stressful things of life at bay. The authors carefully show how these mechanisms work, and also how we can get our blocked emotions flowing again and thus cure the depression at the root.

The book contains a CD with different Journey processes. These processes are first of all about reworking and laying off old social conditionings that have been unconsciously taken over by families, friends, society. You will find out which specific basic beliefs you have innocently believed and reacted to and which keep you stressed, fearful and depressed. Even limiting ulcers and promises that prevent us from being happy can be put away by the processes. Dreams and fearful events can also be uncovered and released through forgiveness and self-forgiveness. After that, it’s time to create new healthy basic beliefs that we have consciously chosen. And it is time to accept and honor our deepest feelings so that we no longer have to hide and suppress our experiences. By giving ourselves permission to allow and experience all emotions, we find our authentic self and can finally live our full potential.

Are you someone who just feels anxious, stressed or depressed? Do you have thoughts and pictures of what could go wrong, do you feel tired or have you simply lost the joy of daily life? I am happy to support you. Just contact me.

Or do you know someone for whom this info might be interesting? It may be forwarded.

If you have any questions or if you would like to see a good accompaniment in your process, I am very happy to be at your disposal.

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