Today I present to you a visionary book series that has opened up a new worldview for me. The first volume is called: “Anastasia – Daughter of the Taiga”. There are a total of 10 volumes.

Anastasia is the ambassador of an ancient people whose descendants still live sporadically in the taiga, unaffected by civilization and still possessed by the “paranormal” forces that modern man has largely lost.

My ideas of society, child-rearing, health, partnership, dealing with nature and healing have once again been shaken to their foundations and I have received new deep insights into how life can be. It has greatly broadened my horizons and opened my heart wide.

Anastasia is a normal woman who lives as a hermit in the taiga, as her ancestors have done for hundreds of years, and who is fully aware of her creative power. Far from the technocratic world (as the book refers to all technical progress in Western civilization, which gives only limitation to man instead of insight and alienates him more and more from his potential and naturalness), it lives in the deepest harmony with the divine, with nature and animals. It has no possessions that the Western man would describe as useful, practical and valuable, but lives in its clearing and is cared for, as it is already written in the Bible. The animals are devoted to her, she is not concerned about food, clothing or repair of any technocratic achievements and is happy, fulfilled and in full possession of her spiritual, mental and physical abilities.

I have read all 10 volumes and each one is worth it. For me, the books have something magical about them, because I feel like I’ve heard far more than it actually says in words.

The first volume (image) is very cheap to have from CHF 10.20. It’s worth it!

I wish you much joy and inspiration when reading.




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