Some of you know that it caught me violently at the beginning of 2016. The Diagnosis was rheumatism, exactly rider syndrome.

Sundo-Homecare-GmbH-forearm-cough-cru-1-pair-(left-and-right)-light metal,-black-21769527Here is my testimonial. It started with my knees swollen and hurting so I couldn’t walk anymore. After that, various joint inflammations were added throughout the body. In short, I was out of action. I lay in bed in pain, crying, was desperate and couldn’t do anything. The medical prognosis for cure for this rheumatism disease is about 5 months to more than a year. In the worst case, the disease can become chronic.

At first I couldn’t accept that. I had to cancel many appointments with customers, orders and seminar visits abroad and was saddened to death.

My first step was to find out what I could do to heal myself. I googled, ordered and read books until I found some promising solutions and testimonials. Taking medication was never an option for me, as I believe in the self-healing of my body. I said to myself: what I have created myself, I can also take away myself. I had also had such bad experiences with medication in my youth that medication saline has been a red cloth for me ever since.

My experience as a Journey therapist was helpful to me. As a Journey therapist, I don’t see illness as an adversary, but I see her as my best friend who helps me get back in balance. For me, illness always means transformation and has a lot to do with acceptance. Fighting is certainly out of place.

First, I detoxified my body by eating after Gerson (practically only vegetable soup and juices for about 2 weeks). The 9-day clean-up program Clean9 from Forever with Aloe Vera also helped me very well. After that, I only eat vegan and without sugar. What you don’t do when it’s serious…

In addition to nutrition and detoxification, looking at emotions was very important to me. I just let my emotions run wild, even though I may have been inexhaustible to my loved ones at times. However, I saw this as important for my healing and thus ultimately profitable for all. Existential thoughts arose when I was in severe pain, such as what do I want here? There were fears, anger and anger about myself and other people. In short, the disease brought all the suppressed emotions, of which I was not even aware, to the surface. I was accompanied by two good coaches who worked with The Journey and Theta-Healing. I also did lymphatic drainage and had a very qualified cordevaluation therapist treat me.

So after two months I was pretty functional again. Still a little weak and a few kilos lighter. After three months I was fit again and was able to do any sport again.

My conclusion with rheumatism and actually all diseases: detoxifying what holds the stuff Buy Zithromax without Prescription , looking at vegan diet, looking at illness as best friend, accepting emotions and openly expressing emerging conflicts. From my point of view, this has helped me the most in order to recover well at a speed of much more than average speed.

Very helpful for me on the subject of detoxification was the book by the well-known naturopath Uwe Karstädt: “Detoxification instead of poisoning”.

I wish you good health




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